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The Bible Lights Promotions of God's Lights to all Religions and Churches and entire People


The Bible Lights Promotions of God's Lights to all Religions and Churches and entire People

The Bible Promotions are promoting to the whole World the Lights and Words of God,  Jesus the Lights of Life bring us in unity for the salvation's of our spirits.

The Whole world has to praise God for the lights he given to us and open up our minds and souls to God.  He gave his son and guide his words to us and lights us and bring us in goodness and salvation's.

The Bible Promotions are Promoting to the world and entire people to see the lights of God, God is lights and his words is lights and Jesus is lights of life and the people God blessed are given his lights.  Receive the lights of God and his lights and spirits and word to us.....

The whole world and the entire people the Bible Promotions are Promoting to you,  do not hesitate that God is lights, Gods Words The Bible is Lights and Jesus is lights and he is giving the lights and open up the mind and souls of the people he given his lights.  The Lord lights is with us and be glad the Bible are scattered in you and the lights of God is be with you......    

The blessings of the lights of God is given to have faith in him and have faith in him do not be in the darkness to those who already receive the words and lights pf God. The evilness and Darkness will continuous to intervene the spreading of the lights of God, they will make the most evilness to stop the lights of God and the evilness will encourage in your mind and souls to be one of them.

The Chosen Mother Mary are Blessed with the lights of God and her lights to us are Blessed from Gods.  Mother Mary lights and guidance to us and Gods Lights and Jesus Lights are with us and guiding us in peace and unity and faith to God.

Be Glad that the lights of God is with you with the Help of Mother Mary lights it is scattered in you and through Jesus Christ the lights is with us and God spirits and lights in his words is guiding us in our faith and salvation's.........

Once the lights is in you do not hesitate to receive God and be temp to evil and their deceitful encouragement, when the lights of God in his words comes to you accept it and do not be in the life darkness and evilness and temptations.

The Words of God is not Deceitful that it is the lights of God for us and God is Lights......

We hope all the Religion in the International Community and the Philippines be lights with God and Unite in one, the Catholic POPE, we pray be blessed by lights of God and Jesus and Mother Mary for his serving to God Uniting Government and Church to guide the people in common good and faith to God and to all his works and serving to the God and our lord Jesus and his belief in Mother Mary and guidance to us in our faith to Lord Jesus and God, the Entire Catholic Priest and in the Church and their followers in the whole world and CBCP and all the Religion in the world be lights with God.

The Lights of God Blessed Church Leader Bro. Eli Soriano for his Bible Exposition and teach the lights of God specifically to People and bring them into lights and open their minds into Gods Lights.  Do not hesitate that Gods is Lights and The Bible Words of Gods is lights of God and Jesus is light of Life, the evilness and darkness and temptations will intervene in you in spreading the lights of God in whatever deceitful and evil works of darkness and we pray for your strong stand for God.  The Bible is not deceitful we will bring it into God.  We are different in Religion but we are both Christian and servant of God and Gods taught us to unite all the people in one thru Jesus. We hope that we will unite in one all Christians in Gods lights thru Jesus lights and Mother Mary help to Us.  The Blessing of lights of God be with your Church and in your followers and continues spread the words lights of God and specifically teachings of Bible in Lights of God and unite people in Gods lights thru Jesus.      

We have faith to God that all the Christian's and Religion in the World and Philippines will Unite in to lights of God.

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights and love Bless us all.......

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