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Bible Promotions Criticism and Promotions in Church bringing People Faith.....


Bible Promotions Criticism andPromotions in Church bringing People Faith.....

The Church and differentReligious groups in the Philippines responsibility to the people and childrenof God in Faith wether member or not in their religious Groups.  How the church bring people into goodnessrelating to the Government Governance in the Philippines.

The Church and Government hassegregation's of duties the Government bringing governance to people andprotections while church bring people in spiritual and faith to God.

The Government is Government of the people and everycitizen in the Philippines are unite and giving power to Government speciallyofficials on their duties and task. All Filipinos are in the command of thoseGovernance implementing by the Government specially on protecting Us from ourselves and other foreign invasions.  Thewrongful doing of the Government and Governance and we have knowledge on it weare having sin to our God if we are not stopping and contradicting them.

What is the church responsibilityto people to bring the Goodness and spiritual and if the Government are doingwrong protecting people and in Governance the church has to bring people inGoodness freeing them from sin doing by the Government.  The people are in good faith in Governancebut if the Government do wrong it must be stopped, we are unite with their messas Government of the people. Even if we have Good Faith in governance we arealways attach to their abuses and evilness and we must be aware to stop itspecially if people has knowledge of those wrongful doings.

The Church must expose the wrongin Government and bring people in goodness to free from sin on the Governmentdirecting the people into evilness of their wrongful doing.  Always make homilies to the people and keepthem having faith and pray to against those wrongful in the Government and notbe one of the Government evilness.

The People must know the Violenceand abuses in Governance and making wrong laws, the civil society has faithresponsibility to God on doing what is good and right for God.  The god believers must struggle for thegoodness of God and Gods will and teaching to us.

In this connections the Churchare not making “pakialam in Governance” but bringing people in Goodness andfaith to God and Spiritually doing good for God.  And the People has responsibility to stop and contradict thoseanomalies wrongful doing of government and keep ourfaith in Good even in Prayers but with doing is best.  We hope the Church and every religiousGroups know how to bring people in goodness and faith to God.

These kind of bringing people into Goodness were already been practice by Catholic Church and some religionsand We hope the Catholic Church in the Philippines even the world CatholicChurch, in Vatican etc., continues this kind of bringing people into goodnessin relating to Governance.

Are we people are free from sinin the Government abuses implementations and making wrongful and inhumanimplementations and oppressions of the Government? I hope not we are attachedto their implementation even though we have good faith relying to them makinggood for us.  We have responsibility tolook upon them and see to it that they are making good for everyone inGovernance.  Example I am a voters ornot of a president and that President is doing abuses in the Governance do am Idoesn’t have any responsibility and sins to God for what he is doing.  In simple view the Government is theGovernment of the people a Democracy in the Philippines and the people is thehigher in command of everything in Governance. If the people thoroughly watch the governance and see any abusesmistakes and anomalies we have to stop it is for our life and living andspecially responsibility to God for those believers.

Like the death penalty laws whichnow is repeal this is also chaos and social violence against those heinouscriminals, We are unite for this laws killing person who are punishable bydeath.  It is Godly as we think killingthose person we are all murdering those people uniting in Death Penalty laws.It is everyone of Filipinos responsibility to God murdering those heinouscriminal as we punished them into death and how beautiful of killing them inlethal injections it is just murder and it is against Gods Laws. Are we, are notattached to Government implementations and that killing is we are free from sinto God?  Thanks to God that those kindof punishment and wrong laws repeal and people of the Philippines is now freefrom this sins.  It is in our handpeople of the Philippines to repeal those laws by making initiative againstthose laws and protest in the congress and senate and even protest to Presidentto make a decree to repeal those laws. Our Church has responsibility to resist and contradict those sinspunishments of government and bring people into goodness. 

This is always argument that wemust have this laws to make people be fear and afraid in laws but it is notgood ideas and thought and practice and un-Godly.  The Government must be teach the enforcement be good and finestin enforcement to avoid those heinous crimes and we must educate people much ingoodness and the church has also responsibility to bring people inGoodness.  

We promote to the Churches andReligious Groups and every fearless priest and servant of God bring people intogoodness specially in Government related issues.  The God is always with Us to bring the God for everyone.  Those being killed priest for making goodand bring people into goodness specially related in Government issues are holyand good servant of the lord sacrifice themselves for making good in exchangeof their lives.

We promote to Civil society,every people to be Godly and Keep faith to God. On Government related issues beaware and do your responsibility to God. Lets us unite and be Godly bring thelights of God for goodness. Let us unite stop those mistakes in Governance andbe not sinners like them that we give power and duties toward us, we areattached to them in any thing they do and we have to be watchful to contradictany wrongful doings of the Government keeping faith to God and free from sinsin Government related issues.  Evilnesswill have feast if we will not resist to the government mistakes and our soulsbring by them into hell.

The lights of Mother Mary bringPeace on Earth and Philippines and everyone…..

God and Jesus and Mother MaryLights and love Bless us all and Protect us…..

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