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Bishop calls on laity to boost pro-life cause


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‘Bible Walk’

In a bid to step up awareness and the spread of the word of God, some 500 parishioners from the parishes of St. John the Baptist and Our Lady of Light in the Diocese of Antipolo participated in the “Bible Walk” organized by the Diocesan Biblical Apostolate on Jan. 25 in celebration of the National Bible Week, Jan. 20-26. (Jose Fernandez)


Bishop calls on laity to boost pro-life cause

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Bishop Gabriel Reyes
MANILA, Jan. 30, 2014—As the nation observes Pro-life month in February, a Catholic bishop calls on the Filipino laity to actively participate in the pro-life cause and intensify their defense of Catholic values.

Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes said there is a need for “more lay people to stand for life, and to be champions of the poor, the weak, and the innocent.”

Reyes, who is also the chairman of Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, has endorsed the various activities Pro-Life Philippines is organizing for the entire month of February.
He urged the laity to actively promote the Gospel of life and love in every sphere of society.

“We are waging a spiritual war, and our laity should stand at the forefront of our temporal realities that help build the spiritual kingdom of God – frontlines like politics, mass and social media, commerce, and public service should be filled with holy and knowledgeable Catholics in order for the Gospel to be spread to everyone and every place and institution,” he said.

“The defense of our deeply held values of life, family, and marriage is a worthwhile reason for us Catholics to step up and make our presence felt,” the bishop continued.
Already in its 27th year, activities during the Pro-Life month include talks, seminars and other programs “that are geared towards educating and training especially the lay to actively participate in the pro-life cause.”  This year’s observance has the theme, “Year of the Laity, Year of Life: Hand in Hand towards a Pro-Life Nation”.

Reyes urged the laity to exert every effort “to keep the culture of death away from our nation.”

Quoting Pope Francis, he said, “A population that does not take care of the elderly and of children and the young has no future, because it abuses both its memory and its promise.”
On February 2, a Eucharistic celebration will be held at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros at 10 am to mark Pro-Life Sunday.

The observance of February as pro-life month stemmed from a Proclamation No. 214, of then President Corazon Aquino, declaring the second week of February 1988 and every year thereafter as “Respect and Care for Life Week”. (CBCPNews)

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