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‘God’s mercy saves us’ – Tagle


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‘God’s mercy saves us’ – Tagle

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QUEZON City, May 1, 2014—Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle delivered a touching sermon Sunday in which he reminded the faithful of God’s mercy and how—thanks to it—lives are transformed and souls saved.

“We see how we are saved by the extravagant, the lavish love of God without that all of us deserve only punishment and death…Thanks to God’s mercy,” Tagle said, noting that it was “Divine Mercy Sunday”, the first Sunday after Easter.

To celebrate the double canonization of Saints John XXIII and John Paul II, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle celebrates mass for thousands of the faithful gathered at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on April 27, Divine Mercy Sunday. (Photo: YouthPinoy)
God always wins

The resurrection of Jesus on Easter, he explained, is the triumph of God’s compassion over the sin of the world and the “victory of mercy.”
“We are saved. We are restored to sanctity even when we are sinful and broken—thanks to the mercy of God… The resurrection of Jesus is the victory of God’s love over the atrocities of the world,” Tagle added.

Tagle made this statement at the Big Dome during a mass he celebrated there for newly-declared saints Popes John XXIII and John Paul II whose canonization thousands Filipinos witnessed via live streaming.

But the significance of the two pontiffs’ day of “raising to the honor of the altar” taking place on Divine Mercy Sunday was not lost on the cardinal.
According to Tagle, the lives of both of the new saints show the faithful the “extravagant” mercy of God.

From sinner to saint

“Divine mercy works wonders. It can transform weak human beings, sinful human beings into disciples, friends, and saints of Jesus Christ,” he observed.

Expounding on the Gospel story of the Risen Lord offering peace to his disciples even after they had abandoned Him, Tagle showed that God’s love is the kind that “you do not deserve”.

“The Risen Lord took the initiative of going to the disciples. Mind you. Jesus was the one offended. He was the one abandoned. But as soon as He rose from the dead, He took it upon Himself to approach the disciples… And what did He say to them? Peace be with you,” he said.

The cardinal pointed out, “The mercy of Jesus saved a Peter. It saved the disciples. The mercy of Jesus saved all of us. He offers peace, holiness. We can start again.”

The power to change

He dared those present, “You have sinned, but I hope in you. I know there is some good in you… You can change… And with that mercy of God, sinners like Peter became proclaimers of the Good News!”
Tagle invited the assembled faithful to look into their lives and see “how weak, sinful, and broken they are”, but in spite of which “each day spawns a miracle of new life and becomes an opportunity for doing something good”.

“God’s mercy gives us hope and the opportunity to live again,” he said. (Raymond A. Sebastián)


Many jobless despite GDP growth – economist

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MANILA, May 1, 2014 – While the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) may skyrocket by up to 7.2 percent, millions of Filipinos remain unemployed, leaving an economist to coin the term “jobless growth” to describe this economic paradox.

“We are experiencing “jobless growth,” Dr. Rene Ofreneo, former dean of UP  School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) puts it.

Despite a much-touted increase in GDP under the Aquino administration, experts and labor groups say the said development has yet to be “felt.”

According to Kilusang Mayo Uno chairman Elmer Labog, who spoke at the weekly ‘Tapatan sa Aristocrat’ media forum together with other economic experts, the GDP growth booty seems to be limited to an elite few.

Economic experts and labor leaders discuss the country’s “jobless growth” at the weekly ‘Tapatan sa Aristocrat media forum’ on April 28, 2014. (Photo: Raymond Bandril)
“The 7.2 growth that they are talking about is not being felt at the bottom. It looks like it’s only for those high up in society, he said in the vernacular.
Ofreneo also explained that the country is experiencing “extensive precarious labor”:
unstable, uncertain, unprotected and unstandard kinds of work. He added that the country’s formal economy serves as a mere “coping mechanism.”
“Just to get a job, [people] will get into anything,” he added. Ofreneo emphasized the need to create “decent jobs to have a decent economy.”

Federation of Free Workers president Atty. Sonny Matula, on the other hand, noted that the GDP contribution of the agriculture sector, from where majority of the country’s work force comes from, has been decreasing.

“[This] mean(s) the GDP that should be providing more jobs to most of our people is now decreasing,” Matula explained, noting that there is something “wrong” with the policy of the government. (Chrixy Paguirigan)

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