Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pope Francis: Holy See needs a new mentality of evangelical service


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Pope Francis: Holy See needs a new mentality of evangelical service

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday met members of the newly-formed Council for the Economy, telling them that their important mission will not be easy and requires courage and determination. The Council and the Secretariat for the Economy were set up by the Pope with a Motu Proprio in February and he reminded them that their responsibility was to oversee and manage the Church’s assets with transparency and efficiency in the light of the gospel and with special consideration for the needy.

Pope Francis said the Holy See feels called to put into practice this mission, especially in view of its responsibility towards the universal Church. These changes, he went on, reflect the desire to carry out a necessary reform of the Roman Curia in order to better serve the Church. Describing this as a significant challenge, the Pope warned the members that their mission will require courage and determination. He said a new mentality of evangelical servi ce needs to take root in the various administrations of the Holy See.

Pope Francis had special words of encouragement for the work of Australian Cardinal George Pell who heads the new Secretariat for the Economy and praised him for his tenacity as a former rugby player.

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