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CBCP head seeks ‘Pope Francis’ approach vs corruption


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CBCP head seeks ‘Pope Francis’ approach vs corruption

MANILA, July 5, 2014–Opening a three-day meeting of the country’s bishops, the head of the Catholic hierarchy said the church’s pastoral approach against corruption must be like Pope Francis’ way.

Instead of just condemning corruption, CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas said the local church could adopt the pope’s approach by widening circles of integrity.

“Perhaps, we can reconsider our approach at solving the cancer of the Philippine society which is graft and corruption by talking more about beauty of integrity and honesty rather constantly denouncing the evil that we experience,” Villegas said.

Rather than just creating “fiercer watchdogs” against corruption, the archbishop said that perhaps the church can also “widen circles of integrity”.

“Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that for every prophetic denunciation we utter we must stretch our hands to offer an opportunity for conversion and healing,” he said.
Villegas made the statement during his speech at the opening of the CBCP 109th Plenary Assembly at the Pius XII Center in Manila on Saturday, July 5.

According to him, the pontiff challenges not just the bishops and the clergy to follow his example of “humble and happy ministry.

“We are not required to make an opinion on everything. We are surely not experts in everything. We must be comfortable with admitting in public what we do not know and honestly say it without sounding evasive,” said Villegas.

“Our duty is not to be in the limelight. Our duty is to be spotlights so that all eyes may see Jesus more clearly and let us help others to see the Lord,” he added.

As the country prepares for the visit of Pope Francis in January next year, he exhorted the bishops to “serve with humility and happiness.”

“Let us resolve as a fraternity of bishops to serve with humility and happiness; to speak with honesty from the mind and to listen patiently with the heart; to see the goodness in everyone and live the mercy of the Gospel,” he said.

“This is the example of Pope Francis. Living by this example will make us good shepherds like the Good Shepherd,” Villegas said. (CBCPNews)

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